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Get Social.

Running your business’s social media is a full time job.

Social media requires dedicated time to create the right strategy for your business. Collecting the perfect content to represent your brand, scheduling on a consistent basis, and then connecting and engaging with your ideal audience is time consuming. Working with the KMP social specialists allows you to spend more time on your expertise, growing your business, and less time worrying about your next post!



Why do YOU need social?

Social media provides your business the ability to target key clientele & potential customers through specialized content  

 Social media allows you to engage with your audience to better understand client behavior, with the opportunity to improve your product or service

 Increases brand awareness and recognition to grow your brand’s reach

Almost half the world’s population uses social media, with 7 in 10 Americans spending an average of 3 hours per day on social networks!


What KMP provides

social clients

  • Original content creation and a customized social strategy 
  • Clear and consistent messaging and coordination of regular posting schedule
  • Constant connection and engagement with those active followers
  • Monthly breakdown of analytics and reporting for each social channel


KMP’s favorite part of Social Media is working to make you look damn good!

We’re constantly capturing new photos of your brand in scheduled photo shoots and taking your product on the road.

We keep your business top of mind… continually brainstorming creative ideas to enhance your posts. 


Consistent Voice and Messaging

We work to fully understand your brand, creating a clear and consistent voice to represent your business.

No two brand’s messaging is ever the same.  

High quality brand messaging needs to be shared on a regular basis. We schedule 3 – 5 posts per week, depending on your strategy, while posting stories daily so you can be seen and heard by your followers every day.

Engaging and Connecting – the important part!

The greatest part of implementing social media as a marketing tool is to use it for what it was created to do…be social!

Social media was made to connect with people you wouldn’t have the opportunity to communicate with in everyday life.

To grow your following, likes, shares, and overall reach, you must engage with others. It is a two-way street. The more you reach out to people in your industry or area of passion, the more it will be returned.

We incorporate this practice as part of our core deliverables to deliver a relevant impact.  

Monthly Scheduling and Analytics

Monthly reports, analyzing the last 30 days of growth and engagement, are created for your brand. We explore your top ranking posts and promotions to help inform planning for the following month, doing an in-depth analysis of your social channels. We use analytics provided by Facebook and Instagram insights as well as our scheduling provider analytics. This process is key to understanding your audience and to better relate and connect with them.



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